Companies with vehicle fleets

We have trucking companies, construction and trade companies, courier services, taxi companies and bus companies selected over more than 40 years from Germany and Austria with up to 85 supplier companies such as vehicle fleets, car wash vendors and repair shops. 

Companies with vehicle fleets in GERMANY

Excerpt of possible target groups (circa specifications)

Taxis, chauffeur and limousine service, car rentals, trucking companies
Freight forwarding
Postal, courier and express services
Companies with external service
Coal, ore, gravel mining
Painting and glazing
Carpentry, cabinetry and manufacture of wood components
Laundries and dry cleaners
Security and security services
Gardening and landscaping
and many more
Usage models / prices: 

€ 0.42 one-time mailing and usage / ONE-TIME license 
€ 0.42 one-time mailing and usage / ONE-TIME license 
€ 1.35 purchase for unlimited use


Company name
Postal address
Contact person at top management level, e.g. managing director, owner
Telephone number / central office
Optional: e-mail address / general information € 0.15 per address
Optional: Contact person at second management level, e.g. head of vehicle fleet, logistics, production, personnel, purchasing, Price on request


Further individual selection possibilities according to postal code area, radius, personnel size, branches, vehicle fleet and contact person.

We offer you attractive special packages!

Bus companies from Germany and Austria (circa specifications)

Our addresses of bus companies have different selection characteristics, such as the fleet of the company, travel services or destinations by country--more than 6,000 addresses. Benefit from individual and customized address selection.

Companies with their own fleet
Quota, bus category, equipment, make, trailer
with bus washing facilities
with workshop
with its own workshop manager
provide breakdown assistance
and many more
Usage models / prices: 

recherche database order number 48020
€ 119,00 plus shipping costs and VAT



€ 0.42 one-time sending and usage / ONE-TIME license 

€ 0.69 unlimited annual use / LIGHT license 

€ 0.98 unlimited annual use and own selection / FULL license 

€ 0.29 / € 0.32 license extension LIGHT / FULL and update for another year


LIGHT license:
Company name
Postal address
Contact persons, for example, from the areas of management, travel planning, vehicle fleets, etc.,
Telephone and fax number
E-mail address 
Internet address

FULL license:
as LIGHT license plus all selectable information on staff size, vehicle fleet and technical equipment.

Data always available. Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include €38.00 database flat rate plus tax.


We offer you attractive special packages!

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