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You will receive up-to-date addresses from all industries, from automotive painting to zoo keeping. A variety of engineering and design offices, trades, logistics companies, workshops, pharmaceutical companies and much more. 

Excerpt of possible target groups (circa specifications)

Retail trade
Trades in general
Architecture, - engineering and design offices
Gas, water, HVAC installation
Electrical installation
Painting and glazing
Independent garages
Carpentry, cabinetry and manufacture of wood components
Warehouses and cold storage
Automotive painting and glass
and many more
Usage models / prices: 

€ 0.42 one-time mailing and use 

€ 0.69 unlimited one-year use

€ 1.35 purchase for unlimited use


Postal address
Contact person at top management level, e.g. managing director, owner
Telephone number / central office
Optional: e-mail address / general information € 0.15 per address
Optional: Contact person at second management level, e.g. head of vehicle fleet, logistics, production, personnel, purchasing, Price on request

Data always available. Prices are subject to change without notice and do not include €38.00 database flat rate plus tax.


Further individual selection possibilities according to postal code area, radius, personnel size, branches, vehicle fleet and contact person.

We offer you attractive special packages!

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To directly and effectively attract attention to your company. Simply buy the right addresses and advertise easily—because only those who know you can become your next customer!

Save time and money. The maintenance and generation of suitable and accurate addresses is time- and cost-intensive—we do it all professionally for you!

Why us?

Over 40 years of industry experience speak for us and our quality.

  Over 5,000 industries are available

  Access to over 3 million premium-quality business addresses in Germany and Austria

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  Personal and individual consultation for your suitable address pool

  Simple importing of address data through Excel compatibility

  Versatile selection by company size, region, fleet, travel destinations and more

  Europe-wide addresses on request

Flexible & inexpensive licensing models for any application!

With us, you can systematize your new customer acquisition. Whether a one-time mailing and telephone campaign or unlimited use for a year, we can meet your needs and save you money!